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It demonstrates his misunderstanding of philia, although, Curly doesn’t make them due to this trouble. I seen the guys that go around on the cattle farms alone. As for George are paper writing services safe George shoots Lennie and kills him. Of Mice and Men is a love story by which love is depicted as philia ( jI lia ), as the love between George and Lennie is a brotherly, friendship – centered love. For him among the others, the love between two friends that are male is not essentially heterosexual, however it is totally reducing what philia actually is.

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Their departures are led to by their failure to consider anybody but themselves. Additionally they didn’t comprehend the love between George and Lennie in Of Mice and Men just as are paper writing services safe the public failed to know the love are paper writing services safe between Romeo and Juliet. If accurate, love can never die: then it is not supposed to be if it is false. The two types of love present in these texts are eros and philia, which reveal themselves through their mis-interpretation. However, the forbearance with Lennie of George is limited. By way of example, their co worker Fluorescent is below the opinion that the 2 so describes together are paper writing services safe their traveling, and are not heterosexual.

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This envy is are paper writing services safe a hazard of crazy eros love since it brought to Juliet and Romeo expiring for their love. Even though love is recognized as a feelings that was meaningful and strong, much too frequently it truly is frivolously utilized in society. „‚We travel together,’ said George coldly’ Oh, so that it’s… When it relates to to two men companions, Philia is misinterpreted, but it can be more correctly viewed as yet another special kind of love. Eros ( i rws ), an erotic and sensuous love ; stergo, a parent – child love ; philia ( jI lia ), a brotherly love ; and agape, selfless love where nothing is expected inturn. George loves Lennie as a brother or a company in his life.

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