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I am only 12 years old and am already fascinated in writing. I read probably around 3-4 500 page chapter books each week, and believe me I am truly not lying. My mom tells me that when i grow up there’s A possibility i could become a writer. Iv made my own 300 page books before at home and iv shown probably around 6 of my friends it, and some tell me that its great some tell me to keep writing so basically thats what encourages me, and the small fact that i love to read. I do want to be a writer when I grow up but I wont get my hopes up to high though because I know that there is A big chance that I wont get to be it.

So you want to become a writer.

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I knew I wanted to become a writer from the time I started to understand the written word. I had the challenge of having a learning disability in school and was frequently frustrated at not understanding some concepts due to poor reading skills. One day a light went on in my head and I started understanding what was asked of me.

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Several years ago I became a writer. I’m not talking about the moment when I quit my job to write full-time. That happened much later. No, I became a writer when I started writing.

Some people will tell you it’s easy to become a writer. They’ll say, “Just write!”

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