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Angela- AM Editing and Freelance Writing- Introduction

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Rewriting and editing the UN’s major annual global education report; guiding the planning and drafting of the report; editing all written communications by the report team; editing and writing the World Education Blog; giving writing tuition to team members.


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"A large portion of everyday editing instruction can take place in the first few minutes of class . . .. Starting every class period with invitations to notice, combine, imitate, or celebrate is an easy way to make sure editing and writing are done every day. I want to communicate with my instruction that editing is shaping and creating writing as much as it is something that refines and polishes it. . . . I want to step away from all the energy spent on separating editing from the writing process, shoved off at the end of it all or forgotten about altogether."

This handout provides some tips and strategies for revising your writing

Here, if I may, are some actual examples of do’s-and-do-not’s that I’ve recently read, all of which were taken from real-life editors and writers:

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