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Online education programs are revolutionizing how people learn. From continuing education courses to PhDs, more people want to get their college education online every year, increasing the variety of institutions offering online degrees and distance learning programs.

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For example, there now exist a plethora of free educational online games which offer new engaging ways to captivate children’s interest in learning. They offer an interactive medium through which students can improve their technical and media literacy. These skills could be invaluable throughout their adult lives as more of our modern society continues to revolve around technology. These games provide a fun way to develop problem solving strategies and test intuitive ideas; skills which will significantly increase their employability prospects in the future. What’s more, many of these games are now available in app form. With many students expressing an active interest in smart phones, these apps capitalize upon a medium in which children express a keen interest, in order to further develop their curiosity in educational apps and games.

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Education Online Search is a college and career education portal, to help you learn about careers and the schools offering education and degrees for the fields you choose. You'll find a collection career articles and education articles intended to guide you through many aspects of your search, including career descriptions, financial aid tips, advice for adult learners, info on standardized college tests, and more. You'll also find a directory of colleges which let you fill out an online form to request detailed school and financial aid information.

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In a traditional school setting, students have always loved when the teacher brings in a video as the learning material for the day! So, why not use the same approach with your home schooled student? Online streaming sites like Netflix can offer hundreds of options for educational material covering a huge range of topics. Additionally, home educators all around the world can even watch Netflix overseas using a VPN, so any student in any country can reap the benefits of watching educational movies online.Online Masters in Education programs vary in duration and scope. The length of time it might take to earn a masters of education online is a variable of where you are in your own education path. Before you earn an advanced degree, you need to have completed a bachelors degree. Some students may have a , while others may have an undergraduate degree in another subject and then complete the additional coursework necessary for their masters degree.From the first online classes (which were conducted by the University of Phoenix in 1989) to the present day, when online education is a $34 billion industry, more and more students are finding new life and career education opportunities online. Pursue your Master of Arts in Education online at University of the Rockies. Investigate the historical and theoretical foundations of human learning, especially adult learning. Earning a masters in education online doesn’t mean the curriculum is less demanding. That said, current technology could allow you to access pre-recorded material 24/7, which might mean more opportunity to self-pace. Some programs may entail brief residency requirements, while others may be 100% online. For graduate students working towards a thesis or capstone project where supervision by a faculty member is required, online tools such as videoconferencing and email may be used to keep connected.If people can get the same education online, at home, for free, then why do we keep agonizing about the cost of higher education? It’s simple: create a “path to the diploma” for people who complete the free online courses. Maybe just make them pay a one time charge, 10K or so, to cover the costs of verifying their claim to have done the course work and printing the certificate.My daughter got her masters in education online. She felt it was much more difficult than her undergraduate courses. She was shocked and how much she learned. I think someday especially in degrees that are career oriented your first employer will administer a test that grants you your degree and give you your first job. A company can set some guidelines as to what type of knowledge they wish their employees to have an a and prospective employee can learn at his own pace to achieve knowledge necessary to be hired.