[…] Email Marketing Writing Great Subject Lines […]

[…] Email Marketing Writing Great Subject Lines […]

Freelance Writer, Journalist and Content Marketing Writer

Need powerful and effective words for your website or brochure, a sales letter that works, a newsletter or blog to keep you top-of-mind, or help with any other marketing piece? Give me a call. As a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the marketing field – including over a decade working exclusively as a freelance marketing writer – I have the specialized skills you need.

Job TitleMarketing Writer / Producer


Gallup is looking for a talented marketing writer who can create compelling stories that highlight our innovative consulting solutions. You will collect knowledge from a variety of sources, conceptualize research data and turn the information into powerfully written messages. Along with superb writing skills, you will need a strong sense of marketing concepts and the confidence to bring new ideas to the fold, even if no one asks.

• The Marketing Writer will need to read, understand and follow standard office practices, procedures and policies.

– In other words, Any content marketing writer worth their salt will apply their skill-set and knowledge to their own business. Look for a regularly-updated, engaging and targeted blog. Can you easily define its target audience? Do the headlines compel you to click-through? Is this standard of writing good enough for blog?

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With more than 17 years of professional writing experience, I specialize in freelance writing and content marketing writing about finance, education, human resources and small business. to learn more.Marketing is a wide field where people or agencies brand and sell products through print, online, radio, television and viral promotion. Copy writing is an important part of the marketing field, because a marketing copywriter is responsible for creating the persuasive message that ultimately sells the product or service to people. If you want to become a copywriter, you must be ready for a fast-paced, high-stress environment where clients and deadlines demand the best from you. You must get a good education, build a writing and marketing portfolio and look for opportunities to enhance your marketing career. Read more to learn how to become a marketing copywriter.The truth is, no matter how amazing your product or service is, no one is going to place an order until they understand exactly what you’re selling and what it can do for them. Crafting the perfect message to communicate this…and make people want to place an order…takes time and talent. As a marketing copywriter, this is what I do.The Marketing Writer will need to interpret messaging strategy that either already exists or comes from an internal process completed by our company’s strategy team. In certain instances, the Marketing Writer may be involved in the conceptual development of messaging strategy for clients.We are seeking a Marketing Writer to write, edit and proofread marketing copy for digital, print, trade show, video and advertising projects serving clients in these technically complex markets. Success on the fundamental level will be defined as taking content projects to client approval without the interjection of existing senior-level writing and strategy staff. This requires ongoing accumulated knowledge of client subject matter and content development that is high quality, appropriate to the objective, and successfully interprets the client’s needs.What You Would Do As an SELC marketing writer you would play a key role in envisioning, outlining, and producing our array of outreach and engagement tools (e.g. quarterly newsletter, handouts for donor calls and special events, e-newsletters, website copy, online News Feed posts, radio and print advertisements).What We Need All of our grant writing, development research, graphic design, publications, event planning, and digital communications happen in-house, in close collaboration with development officers who depend on these activities to engage and educate the individuals, families, and foundations that fund SELC’s work. Our closely-knit development and marketing team maintains a solid, authentic, and well-respected brand that has been built up over three decades. Yet we are constantly experimenting with new technologies, new messages, and new approaches to engage both current friends and prospective supporters. Check out our . SELC is celebrating its 30th Anniversary, and we are already off and running with an ambitious two-year outreach campaign. We are seeking to add a gifted marketing writer with:Within the field of marketing, some professionals are solely responsible for drafting, editing, proofreading and designing marketing literature and materials. Marketing writers specialize in producing brochures, invitations, press releases, technical manuals, online web pages and a variety of other marketing content. Companies use this material to sell products, educate customers and promote their brand to new prospects.• The Marketing Writer reports to the Strategy Director, but many projects will be managed by Account Managers and the role is responsive to those personnel in those instances.Employers look for candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, journalism, English or a similar major. To prepare for a marketing writing career, students can take courses in marketing principles, advertising, creative writing, magazine writing, media studies and editing. Some employers prefer applicants with a master’s degree or MBA, depending on the level of the position. It is helpful for students to work as an intern during college or take up writing positions with campus magazines and newspapers in order to build their work experience for full-time positions.