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is a sophomore biology major. He is very involved in sports, playing baseball, basketball, and football, in addition to running and working out. His interests include sports and medicine. His research website explores these questions related to the sociology of sports: How has the NFL concussion crisis affected the football culture? How has it affected the business and money making processes? How has it affected masculinity in football? (Spring 2014)

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is a senior sociology major, a cadet in Army ROTC, and will commission as a second Lieutenant in May 2014. Her research website focuses on animal rights social movements. Her website overviews the types of animal rights organizations, their tactics, demographics of participants, and strategies to fight for the rights of animals. You can check out an animated video about her research by .

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is a marketing major at Siena and currently a junior. She was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and her family is Guyanese. Her family regularly travels to visit relatives in Canada and Guyana. Bibi is very involved in the athletics department and hopes to one day work with the NFL to promote their teams. Her research website examines the sociological influences behind incarceration rates. (Spring 2014)

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Give one of The Library's Patch's Clickable Bibliographies a try. Click on the picture below and download the file. When you open it up, you will quickly and easily be able to get to a great animal research website. Just click on the picture! Easy, huh?? grew up in Seaford, on Long Island, New York. His sister has also attended Siena College, where Brian is a sophomore. Brian is interested in working in the medical field, perhaps as a doctor. He enjoys helping others and socializing with diverse people. His family background includes both Irish and Italian ethnicities: his mother’s side of the family is Irish, and he has toured Ireland himself, along with his family members. His research website focuses on the topic of bullying in high schools and the sociological issues behind the behavior. (Spring 2014)
LiveBinders is an interactive resource for teachers to quickly research websites related to topics they are teaching that otherwise would take them much longer using Google or other search engines. A LiveBinder is a compilation tool made up of several websites related to one specific topic of the LiveBinder. For example, under the category of History LiveBinders, there is one based on the Battle of Guadalcanal. Within the binder, there are roughly ten websites relating to and describing the battle from different perspectives. Although it is much faster than navigating a topic on a search engine, LiveBinder still retains many of the drawbacks of searching for a topic online. While many websites go through a filter before they are added, the reliance of some of the websites can waver depending on who posts them. As long as this recognition is understood, LiveBinder is a generally good resource for teachers to use in their lesson plans and assignments.Standing by his remark that cow is the only animal to ‘exhale oxygen’ despite all-round criticism, Rajasthan Education Minister Vasudev Devnani today said that his comments were based on “research websites.” family ethnicities include French, Italian, Irish and Spanish backgrounds. Her parents were both raised in New York State. Jennifer currently lives with two of her three siblings. Her brother graduated from Siena, and influenced Jennifer to attend the school. Jennifer is currently a senior majoring in psychology, and is also earning minors in sociology and health studies. Her research interest includes looking at domestic violence, and its impact of these on the family structure. To see an animated video about Jennifer’s research website, . (Spring 2014)“I read this fact on research websites and it recently appeared in a magazine. It said cows inhale and exhale oxygen and I included this in my speech on Saturday,” he said.