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A thesis is a crucial component of both masters and Ph.D. degrees. It is the research and writing that advance new knowledge, supported by existing literature and buttressed by the findings from the study. Thesis writing process needs a lot of attention and effort. The whole process is both painstaking and time-consuming. Unfortunately, many students who try to undertake the process end up failing. Instead of taking the risk, seek help from professional thesis writers. We offer online custom thesis writing services at a pocket-friendly fee.

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When I speak about resources in the thesis course, I am doing so in order to make students aware that there are so many resources available and that they can significantly improve their own writing process by availing themselves of such resources. Too often, I encounter students whose ‘writing resource’ is their supervisor; in some cases, of course, this works well, but more often it leaves the student feeling under-supported. Thesis writers generally need to move from thinking of themselves as fully dependent on a supervisor to thinking of themselves as developing academic writers who can take advantage of a range of resources. The sort of resources I have in mind include books on thesis writing; completed theses, especially if they are linked by a shared supervisor or by similar topics, methodology, etc.; thesis writing groups; courses on thesis writing or on academic writing more generally; published work in the student’s own field; and blogs about the thesis writing process.

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